May 28, 2024

Why Lack Of Sustainable National Transport Policy Is Hampering Nigeria’s Transformation Into A Global Logistics, Transport Hub

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Why Lack Of Sustainable National Transport Policy Is Hampering Nigeria’s Transformation Into A Global Logistics, Transport Hub

By Jerry Aguigbo

It has been generally agreed that developing a clear integrated transport Policy is the only way to achieve growth in any economy in the world, and Nigeria must leverage on Logistics and environmental advantage to become a global logistics and transport Hub which has eluded her due largely to lack of a sustainable national transport Policy. This was Dr Alban Igwe’s submission while delivering a keynote address at the annual roundtable and Bilingual Magazine Unveiling and Public Launch, Wednesday, at the Lagos Marriott Hotel, Ikeja.


Speaking, Dr Alban Igwe noted that the lack of government presence has given impetus to individuals justling to do their bit and this, he said has given rise to what he called transport poverty, in the sense of not having a consistent transport development plan.

Alban added that Nigeria needs a consistent sustainable transport Policy in place to drive human capital development and here, professionalism has to be the watch word. A Transport research system needs to be created to develop the various modules of transportation suitable for seamless movement of goods, services and persons.

He is also of the view that Nigeria should deploy the $36m Cabotage Vessel Financing Fund, (CVFF) in Ship building, just like it was done in Kenya which has built a Ship with its $20M Vessel Financing Fund similar to that if Nigeria which is lying idle with too much rhetorics. He also stated that interconnectivity is very key to getting it right. All the states must be connected or linked up or be made accessible via all modes of transportation. He also recommended the upgrade of Nigeria Airports to announce Nigeria to other nationals as it’s the tradition in other countries of the world.

Also corroborating Dr Alban’s view, MD/CEO Primero Transport, Mr Fola Tinubu said that after Power, transport is the most critical the nation, without which the economy would stagnate. To him, transportation is the backbone of the economy.

Dr Fred Oladeinde, one of the panelists said that for an economy to stay competitive, your transport system must be up to date, you must have a vision and a master plan to start with. The vision he says, must come from the Nation, before the States begin to develop their’s , from the National Transport Policy. Rail, Bus, water (ferry or boat) must connect in such a way that there is seamless movement of goods, services and persons.

He warned, that no investor will come in where there is no plan, to attract the private sector, a conducive environment must be provided by the government. People must also have options on which mode to move around with.

Speaking earlier, the Lagos State governor, Mr Babajide Sanwo-Olu, ably represented by Hon. Oluwaseun Osinyemi stated that transportation infrastructure is a key pillar to economic growth. He revealed that Lagos is keen to develop transportation infrastructure as a catalyst for development. He said that massive transport infrastructure upgrade is required to enjoy growth. He revealed that the Lagos Transport Policy is now ready and will be unveiled next month, May 2024. The Policy will address issues such as inclusion of all modes of transportation and it also introduces the non motorized mode of transportation, he said.

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