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By Frank Odinukaeze
Peter Damian Nnadi, is one of the contestants for the office of Chief Provost of Balogun Business Association and International Centre For Commerce. (BBA/ICC), Trade fair complex. “Anointing” as he is popularly known in BBA/ICC, is one person that places high premium on trust, honesty and integrity, virtues that have been very pivotal to his meteoric rise and growth in business.
Nnadi “Anointing”, believes in fairness and jettisons politics of bitterness and acrimony or pull him down syndrome. In this interview with Frank Odinukaeze, of Market News Int. (MNI), the Idemili born, Anambra business mogul reveals his plans for BBA. Why is he called Anointing? What is responsible for the election summersaults in BBA, who are those holding BBA/ICC to ransome. Find out these and many more in this chat.
How long have you been in business
I have been in business since 2001, in this market, but not the time I started business.
We understand the BBA is organizing election to usher in new government but people are expressing doubts as to whether the election will eventually hold, given the fact that the election have witnessed administrative summersaults, as the election have been severally postponed. As a result people are speculating that the election might not hold, because the caretaker committee have not put in place necessary machinery that shows that the election will hold. What is your take on this
Well, I myself I’m doubting as well, because of what is on ground. This is because they were given three months to organize the election and the (3) three months have expired and they went to court and got court injunction that they are not ready and therefore sought for extension of tenure up till July. We are waiting for July. But up till this moment, why I’m afraid is because the electoral committee they constituted have not started doing anything, even counting of shops and other activities that will show that election is on the way. I know that the electoral committee has been constituted, but as to whether they will actually conduct the election is what I cannot say for now.
What are you actually contesting for
I am contesting for the position of Chief Provost 1. We have 1st and 2nd provosts. So, I’m contesting for provost 1 i.e the first provost.
I have no other reason other than to make the market better. And also to help the president succeed, by giving good advice and suggestions that would move the market forward. As a matter of fact, things are not normal at all. A lot of things have gone wrong and we intend to correct those wrongs.
You said things are not normal and things are wrong in the market. What exactly do you mean by that and what is the new thing you are bringing to the table
I will not be the one that will bring anything that will change the situation in the market ,because by hierarchy I may be very far, but my advice can go a long way to solving some problems. One thing I ask God is to give us a President who have listening ears. One who can listen to advice in order to move the market forward.
In view of the security challenges in the country, and as the in-coming chief provost of the BBA market, what measures would you like to be put in place to tackle security issues in the market
That will be supporting the president on policies to that regard. And again it will largely depend on who would be made the chief security officer (CSO) of the market because CSO of the market is by appointment. So if the President in his wisdom appoints a CSO that would move the market forward, security wise, We will rally him and give him the necessary support and encouragement.
However, we don’t have security challenges in this market. Yes, before now we had cases of burglary, breaking and entry and things like that, but all of those have been taken care of. There is nothing like burglary or breaking and entry in the market right now.
Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement and that is where we come in. I will help the President by giving nice advice and suggestions on security issues in the market.
Why do you think you are eminently qualified for the office of Provost 1 of BBA
Yes, I have been in this market for a very long time. I have worked as a security officer in the market. I know the market very well and I believe with my experience overtime, I can make impact very well.
Any previous experience with regards to the position you are contesting
Yes, I have been a Provost in my village. I have done that in my home town, I have served as provost in many places, even in my present club. I am also treasurer of my many societies and organizations because of the type of person that I am.
In Idemili forum, I am a leader of the youths. I lead many organizations and groups, so I have experience. It is a combination of all these that makes me feel I should come in into the Exco of the market to contribute my quota to move the market forward.
What exactly is your job as provost
My job as a provost is to ensure order and decorum in the meeting. My duty also entails ensuring that there is peace and order to enable effective deliberations. I will work close with the president or whosoever chairs the meeting on any given occasion. In fact my duty is to ensure order peace, harmony decorum and discipline in the house, and also enforcement of orders issued on the floor of the house or from the presidency as the case may be.
How do you intend to bring order and peace in the meeting or House
By taking order from the president and decisions reached on the floor of the house and ensuring that the rules of the meeting and the construction are protected. And I will also work closely with the president and all the exco to ensure peaceful and harmonious deliberations. I will have a listening ear to the president because he is the one governing the market and also listen to my seniors i.e. those above me, to know exactly what they want me to do at any given time.
What is the advantage you have over other contestants
Well, I will not tell you that I have much advantage over things, but one thing I know is myself. I am someone that is well known in the market, because of the type of thing I do. I’m well known in this market. I am not a stranger. It is not that others are not good, others are good, but I can’t call result by myself. I’m just like a student. I will write my exam, and then it is left for my teacher to give the score.
How would you access the past government
Well, it is easier to speak from the outside. When you are not in government you can criticize the government, but when you are in, you may have distant view. I wasn’t part of the past government. Past government had a lot of issues and challenges. One of the greatest challenge is the ancient quarrel between the BOT and the immediate past president. The issues between them are what have been dragging the market and the election backward but I think they are finding a way to resolve the issues so that we could move forward.
What does integrity mean to you
Well to me integrity is or depends on how you Fashion yourself. Let your “No” be “No” and your yes be yes. But most importantly, integrity is doing things right.
What is your favorite color
I love white, while with blue or black. I love white because with it you communicate with God
Why are you called Anointing
This name anointing was signed by God, I didn’t just stand and started calling myself anointing .it happened that in my ministry anytime I pray or worship or praise, anointing flows, I talk about anointing so much and by so doing people started calling me “anointing” and before you know, the name went viral and I had no option than to adopt the name “anointing” I love the name, I now use it as my business name
What upsets you in people or what makes you angry
I get angry when I see that you are not doing the right thing.
In short I hate anything that is not right I don’t like anything like stain or lies.
I hate people blackmailing others or pulling someone down for your personal or advantage. Such things make me angry. When you say yes let your yes be yes and not later your yes becomes no such acts get me angry.

The type of business you do is this market depends so much on integrity and trust as it concerns finance.
Why do people put such trust and confidence in you by entrusting you with their money

I have been in this business of daily contribution for 18 years. In this market. It is not my power it is because of the trust that people have already built in me. I started with this market the day it was created. I don’t have any other place to go. All my properties are in this market whatever I achieved as a human was in this market, so I will not like to stain my name or image because of money. That is the reason why I give people the trust and the people are seeing the trust and they keep on trusting me.

Any regrets so far in life.
No, why I don’t have any regrets in life is because I let the past go. I count only on the present. I count on my blessings and not the troubles I have seen, I focus on the future and blessings of God, which makes it rich adds no sorrow.
What advice would you give to upcoming business men and women
My advice is for them to be patient and focused. I started from the grassroots-out of nothing I started with pure water; I even hawk pure water, as at the year 2000, I was a pure water hawker. Before I now started supply business, before I discovered my present business which is daily contribution. So, I advice the young once to take it easy.
Rome was not built in a day. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, so my advice to the young once is to take it easy, gradually God will uplift you. So let them take it easy. if you don’t have it today you can have tomorrow , I don’t know that today somebody will even call me landlord . Everything is all about God’s favour
Apart from this finance business is there any other thing you do
Yes I just discovered another business named Betkings but i Christine mine, “Anointing” Betking at D2, kogi plaza, Trade fair
How do you relax
Nobody has time, but you find time to relax your mind, brain and body, in Nigeria time is not enough because of the way things are but nevertheless, I find time to relax, market closes by 6pm. So as soon I get home, i take my bath eat, and relax. I don’t come to market on Saturdays so I use Saturday to relax.

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