April 19, 2024

Tincan Customs Continues To Stop Smugglers On Their Tracks With Deterrent Seizures Of 12 Rifles, 6 Pistols, Illicit Drugs, Arms, Ammunition

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Tincan Customs
Continues To Stop Smugglers On Their Tracks With Deterrent Seizures Of
12 Rifles, 6 Pistols, Illicit Drugs, Arms, Ammunition

By Jerry Aguigbo

The Tincan Customs Command has continued to bar its fangs with deterrent measures to ensure Smugglers and peddlers of illicit drugs do not find a safe Haven to perpetrate their illegitimate and dangerous trade, while freeing the Command of any form of noncompliance to international trade.
Demonstrating this hard stance, the Command’s Area Controller, Compt. Dera Nnadi today at the Tincan Customs Command, conducted Journalist and other sister Agencies round the latest seizures of
12 pieces of rifles and 6 pistols.

Other items seized are:
Two (2) packets of 50pcs of 9mm live ammunition,totalling 100 rounds.
Twenty-three packets weighing 23kg of substance confirmed to be heroine.
Marked white 999– Ten (10) packets of 1kg each=10kg
Marked white 888– Three (3) packets of 1kg each =3kg
Marked blue Saphire— Eight (8) packets of 1kg each = 8kg
Marked 777 Bentley— Two (2) packets of 1kg each=2kg

Also found with these items are:
Flat screen Television sets.
HP printer.
Six (6) cartons containing scanner machines.
Five (5) empty metal Jerry cans.Two (2) washing machines
Three (3) sets of bed frames.
One (1) set of living room furniture.
Three (3) used micro wave.
One (1) used vacuum cleaner.Table tennis.
One (1) sport bicycle.
Two wooden crates of light fittings.
One (1) wooden crate containing a motorized toy car.
DSTV dish.
One (1) used Samsung refrigerator.
Four (4) sets of used sound systems.
One (1) used barbecue grill.
Two (2) used toasters
Three (3) used blenders.
Sixteen (16) bags containing used clothes and personal effects.

On its revenue generation drive, the Nnadi led Tincan Customs Command is not relenting as it recorded a total collection of two hundred and thirty billion, three hundred and two million, seven hundred and forty-three thousand, twenty three naira, forty seven kobo (N240,302,743,023.47) for the period of January 2024 till date.

Giving a breakdown of these revenue figures, Compt. Nnadi says,
the command collected a total of Eighty Eight Billion,Four Hundred and Thirty Million,One Hundred and Twenty-Six thousand,One Hundred and Twenty-Two Naira,Seventy-Two Kobo (N88,430,126,122.72) in the month of January 2024,this is 7.89% higher than the value of Forty-Two Billion, Five Hundred and Thirty-Six Million,Three Hundred and Thirty-Six Thousand,Thirty-Eight Naira and Eleven kobo (N42,536,336,038.11) for the month of January 2023.

In the month of February 2024,the command generated One Hundred Billion, Three Hundred and Ninety-Nine Million,Three Hundred and Fifty-Four Thousand,Eight Hundred and Eighty-Seven Naira,Seventy-One Kobo(N100,399,354,887.71) this is 41.82% higher than the value collected on the same period i 2023 which is Forty -One Billion,Five Hundred and Eighteen Million,Seven Hundred and Thirty-Eight Thousand, Six Hundred and Forty Nine Naira and Nine Kobo(N41,518,738,649.09).
In the month of March 2023, the command recorded the sum of Forty-Two Billion,Eight Hundred and Three Million,One Hundred and Fourteen Thousand,Five Hundred and Forty-Four Naira,Eleven Kobo
(N42,473,262,013.00) collected from 1st – 13th March 2024.

The CAC acknowledges and appreciates the continuous support of the CGC, Bashir Adeniyi MFR and his management team.
His words,
“Every support from the Service headquarters is significant in enhancing the Command’s operational activities and contributes largely to its achievements.”

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