July 19, 2024

There is no correlation between our population growth and spread of the gospel of Christ—Rev. Dr Owoyemi

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By Jerry Aguigbo


The preaching of cosmetic sermons has impacted negatively on Nigerians, this accounts for most of the ills being witnessed in our society today, “people now preach cosmetic sermons instead of salvation.”

This was the submission of Rev. Dr. James Bayo Owoyemi, the General Overseer and President General of the United Apostolic Church of Christ (UACC), speaking at the Annual Supreme Executive Council meeting in Itesi Ajegunle, Lagos. This Saturday, 14 August, 2021.

He stated that the mission of the Church is to ensure that people continue to have hope in God and remain focused and steadfast in serving him. “We do things to please God because it’s to him we will give account of everything we do. Now, that is why you cannot hear our name in a negative way.”
The church, according to the G.O, started with “only 16 members but today, to the glory of God, we have thousands of members spread across all the 36 states of the Federation, including Abuja the FCT., we are in all continents of the world and it’s a strategy to win men for God,” he stated.
“We want to have this church in all the continents of the world, in the next 10 years. With God all things are possible, we are following the instructions of the holy spirit.”

Part of the objective Rev. Owoyemi noted, is to familiarize himself with the branches in all the states and so far, it has been fruitful, with 5 states already covered.
“One thing I have observed is that God answers to all issues and it’s very important to bridge the gap between the traditional rulers and the Ministers of God. That is why we have visited the traditional rulers of all the places we have toured and what I observed are also the things they have seen in the society which they are not happy about. That is why we encourage the ministers to talk to God for the people but you must be on the same page with him,” he admonished.


Speaking on the insecurity ravaging Nigeria, he says, ” my advice to Nigeria over the insecurity the world is experiencing, which the men of God have also fallen victim, we have seen some instances where men of God were kidnapped or killed, it’s obvious the government is doing its own part to ameliorate the problem but we advice them to be proactive in their approach to this issue, because it is their responsibility as it is ours too but if you are doing what you have done overtime and it’s not working, then they should seek the face of God.
I want the government to know that God is the most important factor in this.”
Continuing, Rev. Owoyemi admonished Nigerians for venting their frustrations on the leaders and the country by using negative words,
” this part of the world, we condemn our country, we condemn our president, whereas in other climes, the reverse is the case. You hear slogans like, “God bless our country”. There is power in what we utter, if we collectively say or ask God to bless our country Nigeria, things will work and any leader who dares go contrary to that will incur the wrath of God,” he warned.


He stated that Nigeria will move forward, Nigeria will be blessed and things will work out for all.
He called on the government to listen to the religious leaders but according to him, it is unfortunate that some religious leaders are intolerant, ” let’s come back to God and seek the face of God. Listen to the prophets of God, the problem is not Nigeria but those at the helms of affair. So, do not abuse Nigeria.”

Asked his view about same sex marriage, the G.O pointed out that same sex marriage is evil and demonic, he declared that it will not see the light of day in Nigeria.
” God is against it, God is perfection, his ways are pure, that is why he created male and female, we are against it. It is antihuman, and the Lord is against it.” Rev. Owoyemi stressed that it’s spiritual insanity to want to tarnish the image of God.

On his advice to the youths, the UACC president called on the youths to come to Christ, “we preach to them, talk and pray for them. By so doing, we are invoking the spirit of God into them.”
He called on the parents to Introduce their children to God and nurture them to grow uprightly without deviating. ” It is for you to refuse to allow the devil have his way because he is out to deceive and derail people. We glorify God and our youths prosper. We let them know that criminality crushes and destroys life but when you are with God, you flourish. Wherever you turn, we are represented positively by the youths, none is involved in crimes and the vices to the glory of God, we are moving forward,” he enthused.
The Annual Supreme Executive Council meeting is the highest organ of UACC and it is this body that recommends those that would be ordained as ministers of God and the body also puts plan in place for the church’s General Convention which is very important.
This year’s Supreme Council meeting is taking place at the nineth month of the consecration of Rev. Dr James Owoyemi, the Fourth General Overseer of the church.

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