June 25, 2024

Sporadic Shooting : MAJAN Condemns Incessant Attacks On Ogun 1 Customs Officers

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Sporadic Shooting :
MAJAN Condemns Incessant Attacks On Ogun 1 Customs Officers

…reviews viral video as an association

…video reveals smugglers die -hard tendencies, with violent attack on officers


By Jerry Aguigbo


The maritime Journalists Association of Nigeria (MAJAN), has condemned Incessant attacks on Customs officers carrying out their statutory duties.

The Executive members of MAJAN, issued this press statement after watching the viral video at its secretariat at Apapa, Lagos.

The ASSOCIATION took time to watch the viral video, step by step and thoroughly scrutinised the content.

In the process of reviewing the viral video showing sporadic shooting by officers, it revealed clearly smugglers die- hard tendencies with violent attack on officers, who were carrying out their anti-smuggling function .

MAJAN Executive observed that the smugglers were the first to attack the officers, closing up on them, while the officers shut into the air, trying to defend themselves from the dreaded smugglers, who came out in large numbers to attack them.

The group also observed that while the smugglers directed their attack on officers, in a deliberate attempt to disarm them, the officers only shut into the air, in order to escape from the scene,and this shows high level of professionalism and character.

MAJAN as an association condemns in strong terms recurring attacks on officers by economic saboteurs, working against the policy of the Federal Government in growing the nation’s economy. “A situation where smugglers deliberately attack officers on lawful duty is totally unacceptable. The culprits involved in this attack must be arrested and prosecuted, to serve as deterrent to others”, the association frowned.

We must realise that Customs officers are Nigerians like other citizens with a right to life. As such, their fundamental human right must be respected at all times.
We equally condemn the act of Smuggling which is doing damage to the economy and overall well being of Nigerians.

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