June 15, 2024

Root Cause Of Nigeria’s Problems is Failure Of Religious Leaders, Family – Prophet Micheal “Provovo” Oglogondu

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Root Cause Of Nigeria’s Problems is Failure Of Religious Leaders, Family – Prophet Micheal “Provovo” Oglogondu

It was a beehive of activities and Jubilation at Obadore, Alimosho Local Government, Lagos last Sunday, 3rd of December, 2023. The usually quiet community was in a joyous Christmas mood as the ‘Christ-in-Me International Church celebrated it’s annual Thanksgiving with the theme : Mercy and Love aptly chosen to redirect humanity to God, their creator.

The General Overseer of Christ in Me International Church, Prophet Micheal ‘Provovo’ Oglogondu Obadigbo in his sermon said that there is every reason to thank God, as he has done a lot and has been unrelenting, continuously doing wonders in the lives of all the church members; “that for 10 years, no church member was lost, no burial, all members are still alive and intact, I said for this singular reason, we are going to thank God. We are also thanking him for using the church to heal the cripple, made the blind see and it gives me much delight and satisfaction to say thank you today.

The Prophet however lamented that the failure of the Clergy and the family to say things as they are, do the right things are the reasons why Nigerians are experiencing untold suffering and hardship, that Nigerians have deviated from devoting their lives to God.

In his words, ” I prophesized to the church a couple of years ago that Buhari, not Jonathan would win and I also told them that bread would be sold at 1000. I then told them that fuel price will skyrocket and when Tinubu won, I told them that God said he wants to teach Nigerians (Christians) a lesson. So that we will retrace our steps and know what to do, because we are not doing the right things, the priests, Imams, teachers, parents are not doing what they are supposed to do, that is why things have gone out of hands, the society has derailed because of this, we should leave the government alone and tackle our problems.The politicians are not the problem, those in Churches, Mosques and schools are the root cause of the rot in the country,” he reiterated.

On how these problems can be solved, Prophet Oglogondu said, “our problems can never stop, if we don’t realise that God is the author and finisher in our lives. I always encourage my brethrens to be hard-working and I rather teach them how to fish and not to eat without working. You see, miracle is not meant for lazy men, we add prayer because we are hard-working and we involve God in our lives because we have played our own part, that is how its supposed to work,” he said.

On why he also viewed that the family unit has failed, Oglogondu said that so many behaviours which were hitherto scorned at or regarded with opprobrium is now the new normal, while their wards engage in all sorts of vices, the parents disgracefully turn the other way. ” I see frivolity and indolence as the problem of the family, I learned how to speak Igbo language because my parents thought me to, if I was born in America, I will speak American English. “You will understand that upbringing matters, the family has failed because they are desperate and helpless, their thinking is that help will not come from anywhere, therefore they encourage their children to get involved in financial crimes like 419, Yahoo and because of their indolence and helplessness, they cannot control these children any longer. Their fathers will close their mouths because they don’t want to work, do you know that the Mothers and Father’s are the first teachers of the kids at home? We only send our children to learn how to read and write at school, things will get tougher if this is not corrected,” he explained.

While describing her role as the mother of the Church, Pastor Mrs Uju Oglogondu, fondly referred to as “Classic Mama” by the congregants said it is by the grace of the Almighty God so far, according to her, most of the complaints from members, especially women go to the mother of the church, “God has been faithful, we do our best and he does the rest. We’re just surviving and living by God’s mercy, it is by his love and mercy that we are still alive, many have gone,” he said.

“Classic Mama” was also asked to explain what it takes to be behind her husband, the charismatic Prophet. In her words,” there are always challenges and by God’s grace, I always encourage him to stand firm in the Lord and by his Mercy and love, he has always helped us to pull through. Challenges will always come but your ability to surmount them with the help of God is key,” she explained.

Furthermore, Prophet “Provovo” Oglogondu spoke on the prospects of the church and what the future holds for the burgeoning population of the Christ-in-Me International Church, even with the noticeable constraint for space. He said the church will continue to accommodate all comers,” we have a very big space and we are trying to get our permanent site. Though we have some plots of land but we need acres of land to build our Church and settle in,” he concluded.

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