May 28, 2024

Q1: Tincan Customs in Strong Anti smuggling Stance, Impounds 8 Containers of Machetes, Others



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By Jerry Aguigbo

The Nigeria Customs Service, Tincan Island Command has taken a tough stance against deliberate infractions and circumvention of Customs Extant laws (CEMA) with seizures of 8 Containers containing 206,000 pieces of machetes, 145kg of Colorado (Indian hemp) concealed in 2 units of Ridgeline trucks and 2 units of Toyota Corolla vehicles. Also among the seizures are, 640 bales of used clothes, 236,500 pieces of used Shoes, 62,500 pieces of new lady’s shoes, 1,670,400 pieces of Chloroquine injections (5mg/ml), 1,814,400 pieces of Novalgen injection (500mg/5ml), 48,850 rolls of cigarettes and 23,800 tins of sodium bromate & baking powder. The Import of these
items is believed to be in contravention of known trade laws
especially, Sections 46, 47 & 161 of Customs and Excise Management Act (CEMA) Cap 45 LFN 2004. These items were valued at DPV N1,048,810,569.00.

The Command reiterated its commitment to trade facilitation and a total understanding of the Ease of doing business leveraging on the technical abilities of Compt. Adekunle Oloyede and his knowledge of Customs digital culture which was the chief reason was able to haul a total revenue collection of One Hundred and Thirty – five Billion, Four Hundred and Forty- three Million, Two Hundred and Twenty- Three Thousand, Two Hundred and Eighty- Three Naira and Thirty-One Kobo (135,443,223,283.31).
This according to the Tincan Island Command’s henchman represents an improvement of Twenty -Two Billion, Seven Hundred and Forty-Seven Million, Five Hundred and Thirty Thousand, One Hundred and Twenty- Four Naira and Sixty- Five Kobo (22,747,530,124.65), only. This translates to 20.18% increase from the corresponding Months of 2021which was put at One Hundred and Twelve Billion, Six Hundred and Ninety-Five Million, Six Hundred and Ninety -Three Thousand , One Hundred and Fifty – Eight Naira, Sixty-Six Kobo (112,695,693,158.66).

The Command also made gains through facilitation of Export from its terminal with the total tonnage put at Seventy- (me Thousand and Fourteen metric tonnes (71,014.4MT), with a total FOB Value of Fifty-Six Billion, Two Hundred and Five Million, Nine Hundred and One Thousand, Two Hundred and Ninety- Five Naira (56,205,901,295.00). While the total tonnage for the same period January/ March 2021, the tonnage of export was put at Forty- Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Two Metric tonnes (44,502.9MT) with a total FOB value of Thirty-One Billion, Three Hundred and Seventy-one Million, Eight Hundred and Twenty- Five Thousand, Nine Hundred and Fifty-Four Naira (31,371 825, 954.00). Some of the Commodities exported through the Export seat of the Command include: Copper ingots, Stainless steel Ingots, Sesame Seeds, Cashew nuts, Cocoa Beans, Rubber, Cocoa Butter, Leather, Ginger, Frozen Shrimps and others.

The Command reiterated its readiness to leverage on the deployment of non – intrusive technology such as Scanner to maximize it’s achievements in trade facilitation, Revenue generation, not relenting on its enforcement responsibility.

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