May 25, 2024


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By Frank Odinukaeze
Founded in 2008, but officially launched in Nigeria 2017, by Regenerative scientist, Dr. Zou Zhongquan. Its products are wonder herbs from nature: 100% natural with no side effects.Norland is committed to building a global ecosystem of health and detoxification.Barely five years in Nigeria, Norland has impacted so many lives and improved health conditions of so many Nigerians. Within this period and now, the company has given out about 851 cars and houses to deserving members, thus making it a top sort after network in Nigeria. Its compensations are legendary and second to none.We spoke with Olisameka Okonkwo, a stockist with Norland. Find out why this highly successful businessman braced Norland and has invested heavily in the company. You too can benefit from the Norland life changing experience. Enjoy it.My name is Olisaamaka Okonkwo, I am into Norland business.Can you tell us what Norland is all aboutNorland is a company dealing mainly on drugs and health products. Norland has many products that treat many terminal and dangerous diseases. Be it terminal disease, Norland has products that goes into the vein and arteries to revigorated and restore them. Secondly, Norland has Network plan. We call it compensation plan. In other words, as you are buying and selling, the company continues to compensate you in money and products and many other things. At times in Network, when you grow to a certain level, you are qualified for a trip abroad, all expenses paid. All you need is to get your international passport ready. This year, we have had Dubai trip promo and people went to Dubai – that is those who qualify are preparing for the trip in October. So, I believe that Norland is a good company and I urge people to be part of this process. I see light in Norland and I would want my people, Nigerians to benefit from it. There are lots of benefits in Norland.You are a businessman and you are doing quite well. Why did you decide to join NorlandI decided to join Norland because I saw it as a good business. So I decided to add it or combine it with what am doing now.Norland was launched in Nigeria, in October 2017. What impact has it made in terms of economy and health wiseBy October this year, Norland will officially be three years in Nigeria. And within these three years, they have affected and transformed lives of Nigerians. They have given 851 car awards to deserving Nigerian members. And Norland have also built many houses for some people, according to your own compensation plan. According to what you laboured for and how you laboured for it. In short, according to your performance.You talked about Dubai trip and people who are qualified and went for the trip. Were you among the people that went for the tripNo I wasn’t among. I just joined the business newly. I joined November last year. I registered with small money, and monitored the account. Then I found out that the business is true and genuine. That’s why I decided to put more money into it. And the more I invest, the more I have more profit. Can you expatiate more on the benefits accruable to members of Norland.In terms of benefit, number one is that Norland has what we call compensation plan. If you registered with N60,000, which is entry level, and once you enter the entry level,and you add two people under you, Norland will pay you the start bonus of about N18,000. And any one that enters through you, Norland will keep on paying you till infinity. Norland is a Network business that there is no dominant account. And not that tomorrow they will tell you that your PV has expired. That what you have acquired have expired. Maybe you went for a holiday and you come and they tell you that your PV has expired. No. Norland does not remove anything from anyone’s PV. So, if you register under entry level with the sum of N60,000, there is also another level of N87,000 of Bronze level which is N167,000, and another level that is called silver level which is N350,000, and there is Gold level which is N700,000 and the last level on the plan is Diamond and this is N1,350,000, and my stockiest portfolio is registered under Diamond.Alright. You have itemized all the compensation plans. Assuming someone registered with N350,000, does he have to bring other people to get Silver level.No. You do not need to bring anybody. Once you are a silver member, you are qualified as a leader in Norland. There is what we call leadership bonus. Every month, Norland will pay you leadership bonus. We earn every week. Today from 9pm, my money will be in my bank account as compensation for all I have labored.This N350,000 for Silver level, is it renewable or is a one-off thingNo, it’s not renewable. One can do what we call upgrade. Assuming you are leaving your money there, you are not touching it, the money can grow. When the money grows, you can either use it to purchase order or you use the money to upgrade to next level. But for some people they take their money and do whatever they want to do with it. There is somebody that I brought in when her compensation money dropped in her account, I asked her “sister Norland is paying N28,000 would you like to cash the money or use it to purchase another order”? And she was very happy for the development. According to her the other Network she was in you can only see your money, but you cannot cash it. But Norland allows you to cash your money. If you are working in Norland, you see the fruit of your labor and benefit from it. That is working and seeing the reward and also appropriating it. Some people will like to join the Norland train, but their major handicap is the entrance fee which is relatively high and also the products are expensive. How can these be resolveTruly, Norland products are expensive but they are working, the product works. Anybody that has ulcer, diabetes, HBP and the rest, we have product that works in these ailment. We have a product called the Kuding tea. It is of affordable price, N4,500. So that Kuding tea deals with the “Highs”. It can control HBP, Diabetes and high cholesterol. There are many benefits from Norland. Though, the entry fee may be high but anybody that enters and work with Norland will benefit. Last week, I benefited from my works to the tune of N200,000 and this week I’m expecting my compensation reward which will be Not less than #500,000.00 this week. This is how it keeps on going You are a stockiest, what does it mean to be a stockistA stockist is like a distributor. I am a Norland distributor, Norland is in about 28 countries, Norland is in America. In short it’s a Chinese man that owns Norland company, but born and brought up in America, Norland Is a multi-billion dollar company. They cannot be everywhere at the same time, so there must be some stockist for easier reach and availability.areIs there any special benefits for Norland stockitsThere is no much benefits Sometimes you are given transport fee for conveying the products from one location to another.Norland is in how many states in NigeriaNorland is in almost all the states in Nigeria.And the services and operation are they the sameYes, they are the same. These days, so many men suffer prostrate problems, does Norland have products that can take care of this problemYes, Norland has products that solve the problem of prostrate. We have male pad and other products that can cure prostrate. Let me be frank with you, I have many prostrate patients. In short, what boosts me mainly is the male prostrate issue, I have treated many men using Norland products and I see results. If it were something that I would not see results, I will not even agree in the first place to be a Norlander.Can you tell us any of these drugs that deals with prostrateWe have what we call “Gi Vital”, every human being needs “Gi Vital”. Because, its a product that gives into the arteries and veins. It revives dead cells, Gi Vital can make dead cells come back to life. We also have other products that can effectively treat male prostrate, once the person is using the male health pad and also using the drugs, give him two weeks and he is okay.What advise do you have for NigeriansThe advice I have for Nigerians is let them not hesitate to join Norland. Norland products are good, they are working and also the compensation plan is second to none. I have not seen any network in Nigeria that has the compensation plans that Norland has. No network has affected life in Nigeria like Norland has done, Norland is beautiful and Norland is the best. They are affecting lives seriously in Nigeria.

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