July 25, 2024

NNPP Withdraws From MoU With Kwankwasia, TNM

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NNPP Withdraws From MoU With Kwankwasia, TNM

…says NNPP not sold to Kwakwanso or any order group

…Outlaws Red Caps At Party Rallies, says Kwankwasia

By Jerry Aguigbo

The New Nigeria Peoples Party, NNPP has withdrawn from a Memorandum of Understanding entered into with two pressure groups, the Kwankwasia Movement and the TNM.
In a press statement emanating from the party’s Secretary BoT, Eng. Mohammed Babayo Abdullahi in Lagos today, said this clarification became absolutely necessary because of the behaviour of members of some of the pressure groups, especially the Kwankwasia Movement which has broken all Understanding with avoidable violation of all terms of agreement between Kwankwasia Movement and the NNPP.
Continuing, Abdullahi said,
” for the avoidance doubts kwankwasia movement, TNM and NAGAFF are mere pressure groups under the canopy of NNPP and for the purpose of elections in Nigeria.”

He added that
what they had was a mere memorandum of understanding with Kwankwasia, TNM and NAGAFF, to work together for the purposes of winning elective positions. It is not an alliance because non of the parties is a political party.

According to him,
Parties in the memo of understanding have since withdrawn and these include Senator Hunkuyi and Prof Angwe for TNM, Dr B. O. Aniebonam, Dr Agbo Major for NNPP, leaving only Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso and elder Buba Galadima floating and swimming in violations of the memorandum of non existing understanding.

“It is on record that Prof Alkali who represented TNM and was given the chairmanship of the party had since stepped aside as the chairman of the party to avoid destroying his political carrier. Avm Ihemeje as the deputy national chairman had equally resigned due to high handedness, constitutional violations, anti party activities and all sorts of arrogance and avoidable self pride of senator KWANKWASO and elder Buba Galadima,” he stated.

Furthermore, he appealed to all members who have left owing to one thing or the other to return and join hands to rebuild the party.
“I shall at this point appeal to all members of the New Nigeria Peoples Party from 2001 to date, who out of anger left the party to return back home and together we shall continue to work towards a new Nigeria of our dreams. We made an honest mistake but we did not loose out entirely. Today we have one governor, two senators, over fifteen house of representatives and several house of assembly. We won elective positions as NNPP and not Kwankwasia movement and we are very proud.”

He Added that,
“It is most unfortunate that NNPP went into political understanding with Kwankwasia group but unfortunately it is apparent that a case of highjack from the backdoor may have been established against Senator Kwakwanso and elder Buba Galadima. In the opinion of the leadership of NNPP, Founder and founding members, the duo of senator Kwakwanso and elder Buba Galadima may be better described as cowards and gold diggers. It is unheard of that a tenant can eject a landlord from his home. We can only but put elder Buba Galadima and senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso into prayers and ask God to have mercy upon them and forgive their sins against humanity, society and even the dead, he said

Following this development, Abdullahi warned that henceforth, wearing of red cap is not an appropriate dress code of NNPP during political activities . “At this point all members of kwankwasyia movement are hereby informed that other than being decieved by their leaders NNPP is not sold to kwankwasiya movement and or any body or group of persons.”

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