April 14, 2024

Dr Jamoh, driving the wheel of excellence in maritime security, shipping development

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Apparently, the Director-General, Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Dr. Bashir Jamoh, is driving the wheel of excellence in maritime security and shipping development, not only in Nigeria but the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) region.

Outstanding achievements made and great milestones covered in maritime security and Shipping development by Dr Jamoh are all in the records for everyone to see.

He has demonstrated his managerial competence pragmatically through measures put in place to curb maritime crimes in all ramifications.

His tenacity in promoting maritime security and shipping development stands him out among his predecessors. Evidently, NIMASA under his leadership has made giant strides, which attracted commendations of stakeholders, as well as international communities.

*Confirmation by International Maritime Bureau on piracy decline in Gulf of Guinea in 2022 half year report* :
For instance, International Maritime Bureau (IMB) in its half-year report of 2022, openly acknowledged the
lowest number of reported piracy incidents for the first time since 1994.

Also, the Gulf of Guinea Declaration on Suppression of Piracy confirmed that there has not been any case of Seafarers kidnap one year after the May 2021 declaration.

The report above shows commendable progress, compared to 2020 statistics, when about130 seafarers were kidnapped.
Remarkably, the
status report from the GoG declaration also confirmed that there has not been any case of kidnap for ransom in 2022, as against 20 cases reported in 2020; and 12 in 2021.

More so, despite these remarkable feats made in just two years,
the NIMASA helmsman
remains focused and committed in sustaining the momentum on successes recorded in recent times on the fight against piracy in Gulf of Guinea.

In his response to GoG declaration,
Dr Jamoh enthused :
“It is heart-warming that the international maritime community is acknowledging the progress made so far. It is a direct result of collaboration amongst national, regional and non-regional stakeholders. It is our hope that this trend will be sustained and very soon, we will start reaping the benefits, such as a change of status concerning Insurance premium paid on Nigerian bound cargoes; the War Riskpremium being paid at the moment.

While commending the progress, Baltic and International Maritime Council, BIMCO, the world’s largest direct-membership organisation for ship-owners, charterers, shipbrokers and agents called for effective and full deployment of Deep Blue Assets on Anti-piracy drive. Efforts of Nigerian Navy in clamping down on pirates camps, the Deep Blue project C4i coastal surveillance and collaboration with international Navies for law enforcement off Nigerian waters and the series of meetings under the umbrella of the Gulf of Guinea maritime coordination Forum, Shared Awareness and DEconfliction, GoG/SHADE were identified as key to the success in the war against Piracy.

IMB report showing no case of vessel hijack in Nigerian waters in first half of 2022 :
In the same vein, the International Maritime Bureau, IMB, further confirmed that no case of vessel hijack took place in Nigerian waters in first half of 2022. All thanks to Dr Jamoh and his team for working assiduously to increase the tempo of maritime security in the region.

*Inauguration of Expert Team on Maritime Security, Strategy* :
To ensure sustainability in the fight against sea robbery,
Dr Jamoh, has successfully inaugurated Expert Level Planning Team (ELPT) of the Agency to draft the National Maritime Security Strategy (NMSS).

The DG emphasised that maritime security will always remain priority concern to the Agency and the bedrock, which guarantees meaningful shipping enterprise.

However, Dr Jamoh noted that the strategy will become a culmination of various efforts, initiatives and partnerships the Agency started with under its *Triple S* of Maritime Security, Safety and Shipping Development upon his assumption of office in March 2020.

He asserted :
“There can be no doubt to the fact that maritime security is the bedrock and guarantee of every meaningful shipping enterprise. From the crew to cargo; to carrier; to the coast and quayside, there must be security all the way for confidence to drive shipping economics.

“Maritime security has always been and will continue to remain a priority. You are all aware of the current successes achieved in ensuring maritime security within the nation’s maritime domain and the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) as a whole.

“Specifically, the GoG region is experiencing an unprecedented decline in piracy incidents over the past three decades. Only as recently as last week, the International Maritime Bureau (the IMB) finally confirmed all the progress we have been making and announcing for months the decline
of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea. This is a fact that we can all be proud of.”

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