June 15, 2024

NAGAFF Calls For God’s Intervention In NNPP Crisis, Sues For Peace

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NAGAFF Calls For God’s Intervention In NNPP Crisis, Sues For Peace

…as Founder says, challenges are self inflicted but party will emerge from it stronger

By Jerry Aguigbo

The members of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders, (NAGAFF) who are also members of The New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP) have taken the the NNPP Crisis to God, as they seek God’s Intervention to quell the crisis threatening to tear the party apart.

In a prayer session at the Nagaff Headquarters yesterday, the members led by the Deputy National President, Mr Simeon Nwonu said NNPP is a party on the move and cannot be stopped by any man, because with God all things are possible.

In a message titled: “Controversy,”
the clergy, Pastor Jewell Ozor of the Evident Assembly Ojo, called on God to cause controversy between those who have risen against the party, threatening to scatter it. According to him, “God does not keep silent in the mist of controversy, he will command the storm to be calm, every great man or great destiny must be prepared for controversy to move to another level.” He said.

The association also prayed for the spirit of God to touch Sen. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, the 2023 presidential candidate of the NNPP who was expelled by party for anti party activities to begin to break away from sycophants who are believed to be pulling wool over his face, holding him with the intent of tearing the Party to shreds.

Speaking at the event, the Founder NNPP, Dr Boniface Aniebonam said the essence of the prayer session is to call for peace, he said “it is not good for the House to be in turmoil , the Kano episode was an example, this time around, the internal crisis does not make sense and it is even avoidable. Kwankwaso mutilated the Party’s flag and Logo on live TV, this action is stealing and conversion, it is Criminal but be it as it may, I expected them to build on the success of the Kano election but at the ending this crisis, everyone on the right side will be respected.” He said.

He added that this one is not a challenge, ” I have faced so many before, I still maintain that at the end, the Party will come out stronger.”

He questioned the rational behind Kwankwaso’s ‘Illegal’ Convention which was done in contempt, as the Court case is still not determined.

Dr Aniebonam revealed that NNPP has also written to INEC to preserve the peace of the Party before the determination of the Case in Court.

Founder also used the medium to dispell rumors making the rounds that they have lost the case. ” Propaganda has also been employed here, the Court only said it was an internal crisis and as such, should be settled in house and not as being peddled by propagandists, ” Aniebonam clarified.

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