May 28, 2024

Nagaff Airport chapter will continue to push for greater heights as a strong brand –

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By Jerry Aguigbo


The Airport chapter of the National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (Nagaff), has remained a shinning light as far as the nagaff brand is concerned and will continue to push to surpass the level already attained to remain at top echelon .

Speaking with the amiable chairman of the airport chapter, Comrade Bernard Onyeka Udo, he says the Airport chapter is a peculiar place and he is previledged to have served with Dr Segun musa as his deputy and learned a lot of things which are put on display right now.
“Segun Musa is a goal getter, together we pushed to fortify this chapter with some coordinated decision making putting into cognisance, inputs from other exco members and to tell you this, Musa was without discrimination.”

On his achievements so far in the almost 3 years in office, the Chairman says, ” when we came into office, there was some level of stability, we had just built an office and we needed to make it conducive for our members and other visitors. We made a lot of repairs, we now the generator working and even our visitors can attest to this,” he said.

Continuing, Udo says the chapter had to put in some effort to acquire a bus for the association, ” it took us some time to get a bus for pur chapter, pressure was on us because our sister association ( ANLCA), had acquired theirs earlier, our people felt intimidated, we had to fight tooth and nail to purchase one. This was the first in history for any chapter of nagaff, we saved and slaved to make this happen, because perception is what people run with from the outside; whatever you are doing inside people may not see but with the bus and the structure the perception will definitely be positive and its for business. ”

On the association’s relationship with the authorities at the Airport, Udo says, ” our relationship with FAAN, SACHO and NACHO is cordial but COVID-19 has made things very difficult for all parties,” he stated.
“There are myriads of challenges slowing things down at the Airport; cargo traffic is low, the USD has gone up and transferring money for business has become very difficult moreover, before you can meet up with the dictates and conditions of the bank, you are not even sure of one month. For one the conditions to process your form M is very stringent and importers hardly meet up.”
On the way forward, Comrade Udo says, “We shall continue to fortify this chapter by investing in our members, we shall embark on enlightenment programmes, there will be seminars to railroad our people to the right track, we will do AITA and FIATA training for our members about dangerous cargoes and going forward, we are looking to time all members will be ICT compliant. At some point, some people wthelabelled as touts because of the way they dressed but now, things have changed, we dress just like any other delightful office worker,” he explained.

Speaking further, he said his relationship with his cabinet is very cordial, you see, here we try to carry everyone along but at times you may succeed in taking a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink but we try to manage all because we have a mandate to keep. We are very loyal to the National as well, of course, you are aware our founder, Dr Boniface Aniebonam is still standing like a colossus. ”

On where he sees Nagaff in the next ten years, the Airport chapter boss says, “in the next 10years, Nagaff is going to fly above all other associations, the name of God is a strong tower, whoever runs into it is saved – Nagaff is a strong brand and we will continue to grow in limbs and bounds, things will continue to take shape,” he enthused.

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