May 28, 2024

MWUN, SSASCGOC Condemn Attempted Resurrection Of Port And Harbour Bill By National Assembly



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Pic: Dr. Adewale Adeyanju, Com. Akin Bodunde and Com. Ifeanyi Mazeli

MWUN, SSASCGOC Condemn Attempted Resurrection Of Port And Harbour Bill By National Assembly

…says Unions will vehemently resist bullish attempt to pass this obnoxious bill

Bill seeks to render NPA employees jobless, without terminal benefits

By Jerry Aguigbo

The Leaderships of the Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria, (MWUN) ably led by Dr Adewale Adeyanju and Senior Staff Association of Statutory Corporations and Government Owned Companies (Maritime Branch – SSASCGOC, led by Com. Akin Bodunde have roundly condemned the ongoing attempt by some interests and “unpatriotic elements” at the National Assembly to resuscitate the Ports and Harbour Bill which was thrown overboard by the 8th Assembly owing to its grave security and economic implications to the country and NPA employees.

The Bill which was earlier initiated by an Honourable member of the 8th national assembly was squashed from becoming law through the intervention of well-meaning Nigerians, stake holders and the exerted efforts of the two in-house unions- MWUN & SSASCGOC, who mutually and strongly affirmed their opposition towards the proposed hellish Bill.
Speaking to the media at the MWUN HQ today, the leadership of both Union’s, while condemning this unwholesome act said bill will have adverse security connotation if passed.
“We wish to note that this said Bill if allowed to be passed into law will have far reaching grave consequences on the security of the nation as it will cede harbour, jetty and terminal operations into private hands. We are therefore not surprised that the bill is being vigorously sponsored by certain unpatriotic individuals within the maritime sector, who are hell bent on appropriating our common wealth and cornering same into the lining of their individual pockets and that of their cronies.

We would have thought that given our persistent cry and various notices pointing to the deplorable state of our various nation’s seaports, decrepit state of port access roads, collapsing quay aprons, and the general failure of infrastructures within our ports the focus of this 10th National Assembly would have been to find solutions to the myriad of problems bedeviling our ports, terminals, jetties and Oil and Gas platforms and even the need to dredge all the ports particularly Calabar, Warri, Onne etc for increased efficiency; and not to clandestinely and recklessly seek to misappropriate public infrastructure through unfriendly legislation for the benefit of individuals whose only interest is capital accumulation and not the general public good of all,” they lamented.

Continuing, they lampooned the advocates of this bill for not even looking at the behaviour of international Oil Companies IOCs, which has degenerated recently.
“We are even further surprised that the sponsors of this bill outrightly ignored our demand to call the International Oil Companies (10Cs) operating in our sovereign territorial economic zones, who have snobbishly refused to obey our extant maritime regulations, standards and laws to order but, find it expedient to sit in the comfort of their hallowed chambers to push for laws that will be detrimental and inimical to the welfare and wellbeing of the working class, Nigerians and our nation’ security and sovereignty.

The Joint House Unions’, MWUN & SSACGOC use this medium to convey our believe to the Executive, National Assembly and the new Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy that this is certainly not the right way to go as this ploy by these selfish individuals in the maritime sector will cause chaos and anarchy in the industry which has enjoyed sustained peace since the idea of projecting the harsh Bill was killed in 2018 will not be allowed to come to fruition.”

Reeling out the implications of the bill, if passed into law,the Union’s said,
“We note that the bill as being proposed, if passed into law will render the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) employees jobless and endanger the productivity of other port users. Even more sinister is the proposed idea of the Bill to provide wholly, employments that will not be pensionable as well as not transferable and without access to terminal benefits. This is the height of inconsideration by the proponents of the Bill to the right of workers to the necessary payment for services rendered by a worker, in accordance to known law, industrial relations practice, equity and good conscience.

It is our believe that allowing this Billed to be passed into law will effectively institutionalize the evil concept of casualization of workers and as well negate the provisions of the Pension reform Act 2004 as amended. This is in direct contrast to the avowed promises of Mr.. President – Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, to ensure the provision of about 5 million jobs for Nigerians through the newly created Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy.

Having said this, We, the two in-house unions in the maritime sector – MWUN & SSASCGOC, will not fold our hands or rest on our oars and allow few unpatriotic Nigerians within the industry to rip-off the Nation’s common wealth and render our sector unproductive via this infamous Bill that will only create poverty, hopelessness, hunger and generate avid bitterness amongst the already impoverished workers and Nigeria citizenry.

On this note, the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria – MWUN and Senior Staff Association of Statutory Corporations and Government Owned Companies (Maritime Branch) – SSASCGOC: unequivocally reject the Bill seeking to repeal the Act that set up Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) in its entirety.”

The Unions vowed to resist this obnoxious bill, while pledging their allegiance to the NPA Act.
“Consequently, we confirm our absolute vote of confidence on the Nigerian Ports Authority Act as it currently relates to the Nigerian state and the well-being of the workers in the sector and we will vehemently resist all attempts to push this hellish bill further.” They Therefore demand for the bill’s Withdrawal in its entirety.

“As addendum, we wish to further draw the attention of the Federal government to the duplication of functions of MDAs within the maritime sector. To this end, we urge the government to define clearly the functions of each government Agencies to avoid unnecessary conflict of functions.

Also, there is need to ensure that the appointment of the headship of these Agencies are technocrats, vast in maritime operations in consonance with the laid down laws,” they demanded.

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