June 15, 2024

How Security Operatives are Taming Same-Sex Relationships in Nigeria 

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…Many Suspects Arrested, Several Relaxation Spots Shut Down

Suppose any effort of the security operatives needed to be commended in Nigeria. In that case, it is their move to curtail the rising instances of Homosexuality in the Country, and this is so because they have silently achieved commendable results in taming the criminal act. Yet, there are indications that they have not relented. Privileged information has shown that various men in uniform are working hand in hand to tame fast-rising same-sex marriage and relationships across the Country.

Although some negative remarks are trailing the efforts of the security operatives to tame same-sex relationships in the Country, most especially among the promoter of the act, for instance, some people suspected to be the promoters of the action are saying the Police are arresting people indiscriminately and accusing them of being members of LGBTI, without any visible evidence. They also argued that the rigorous efforts and time invested in clamping down on Homosexuality and lesbians should be diverted to kidnapping and banditry, which are considered a severe threat to the Country. That lesbianism and gay are no threat to anyone or the Country. However, the security operative must be commended for protecting the sanctity of the Nation’s morals, traditions and values.

The same-sex relationship has been a celebrated phenomenon in many, if not all, developed nations across the globe, such that the majority of the Western countries have gone as far as enacting laws that protect same-sex marriage; hence some of the citizens of those countries are now practising it openly without fear, though some still forbid it.

Even in some African Countries, some of their citizens have begun to accept this unglorified act even though there are laws against it. Although it is being seen as an imported Western civilisation culture, it is gaining momentum in the western world as many even argued that priority is given to LGBTI members. In Nigeria, for instance, there are laws against gay and lesbianism, but despite these laws, some people still engage in the act in Nigeria.

Former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan signed a bill in 2014 that criminalised same-sex marriage and relationships in Nigeria, with offenders liable to 14 years jail term. This development is believed to be against the interest of certain western countries. There are notions in some quarters that it was one of the factors that contributed to his defeat in the 2015 election, as those foreign countries were against him. However, whether foreign countries were against the signing of the bill or not, Jonathan remains a hero on the issue of same-sex relationships till tomorrow because same-sex relationships/ marriage is forbidden in Nigerian culture and tradition.

As part of efforts to tame same-sex relationships, Civil Society Organizations, traditional rulers and religious leaders, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, have all intensified efforts to arrest, prosecute and punish offenders and rid the Nation of this shameless and abominable act and recent developments have revealed that security agencies have declared a total clampdown on gay, lesbians, bisexual and transgender activities in the Country.

There is also a clear indication that the security operatives in Nigeria, especially the Police, have recorded remarkable progress and successes, as reports have shown that several clubs, event centres, bars, restaurants and many other facilities have been shut down because some suspected LGBTI members are using those facilities to perpetrate their immoral act.

According to reports, one closed facility is the popular Freedom Bar in Ethiopia’s West Delta State. Many suspected gay men and women were reportedly arrested when Police raided the spot at midnight. The bar’s owner, a suspected LGBTI leader, Oghaleoghene Mairo Oterri, was on the security operative wanted list for several months before his arrest.

That is not all, one Abimbola Shonibare, who was said to be a top leader of the gay community and suspected to be a partner to one Reuben Ayodele, a supposed President of LGBTI in Lagos, according to a source, has escaped arrest several times and the Police still want him. On the other hand, Reuben Ayodele is undergoing prosecution for allegedly using his connection and funds to keep the LGBTI group operating in the South-South Zone.

Ayodele, who is known to be a respected economist, was reportedly caught early this year after three years of trailing by the Police. Sources said he is still controlling the activities of homosexuals, especially in the South-South region. He remains an influential member of the LGBTI in Ovia South-West LGA of Edo State, where he was raised. He was the first to set up the LGBTI Oracle Centre in Igbuobazuwa Village, which the Police have now closed.

The security operative, according to sources, has also shut down another homosexual club established by one late Kasim Wasiu, who suffered a severe attack by a violent mob. Another club known as Freedom for Glory Club in the Bariga area of Lagos State and operated by a suspected member of the LGBTI, Nathaniel Dan and Adetunji Ismail Onibiyo, has also been reportedly shut down by Police.

Although Adetunji Onibiyo was lucky to have escaped arrest several times, according to sources, his brother, the late Ibrahim Onibiyo, was not fortunate as youths beat him in the Bariga area of Lagos State when he was caught in a homosexual act and later died in late 2019. However, before his death, he confessed to the crime and that of his brother Adetunji Ismail Onibiyo’s involvement.

Another feat recorded by the security operative on taming same-sex relationships, according to sources, is the LGBTI Fellowship Centre opened by a suspected gay activist, A. O. Agho, in Ogida and the Q’s Bar and Girls Soho Bar, opened in Egor and Upper Ekenwan Road in Benin City, which has also been shut down. Security operatives reportedly confirmed that there is unmistakable evidence that the spots are being used to perpetrate homosexual activities.

While the alleged former President of the LGBTI in the Bariga area, Reuben Ayodele, is currently facing trials, one notorious lesbian, Chiagozi Yvonne Nwudu, who escaped police arrest in Yenogoa, has been re-arrested. She was reportedly re-arrested in the Azagba Community in Benin City after a detective burst into their hideout, arrested and detained many suspects and then charged them to Court, but she reportedly jumped Court bail. She’s also said to be on the wanted list by the Police.

Similarly, Dennis Isuwa, a notorious gay activist from Okada town in Edo State; Amabara Amaso, who claimed to be the god of Homosexuality, and Akpotutari Dawari, a suspected front-line lesbian activist in Yenogoa, both from Bayelsa State, are in police detention. Also, one Ebide Funkuro, a suspected gay activist from the Riverine area, according to a source, is equally on the Police wanted list. All these and many more show the willingness of the security operatives to tame same-sex relationships in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Sources in the security formation have disclosed that more suspected bars and clubs that alleged LGBTI members are using for their nefarious activities are being investigated. The Police have even promised financial rewards to anyone with valuable information that would lead to the arrest of those wanted.

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