May 28, 2024

Global Policy Roundtable Showcases Critical Components Of Transport Industry

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Global Policy Roundtable Showcases Critical Components Of Transport Industry

By Jerry Aguigbo

The Global Transport Policy is seeking to unveil critical components of the transport industry at a public launch of Bilingual Magazine on 24th April 2024, at the prestigious Marriot Hotel, GRA Ikeja, Lagos. This much was said at its annual roundtable at BON Hotel Ikeja, recently.

The event is built around the theme of “Transport Infrastructure and Strategic Policy Interventions: Building Blocks For Economic Growth”, the event expected to aside from pointing to the encumbrances, proffer solutions to noticable drawbacks in the industry.

The chairman/chief consultant of Global Transport Policy, Dr Oluwasegun Musa, disclosing this during pre-event press conference, said the event is a call to action across the spectrum of industry players.

While declaring the conference open, Dr. Musa said the event is a critical roundtable that will converge the government, industry technocrats, relevant unions, royal fathers, the academia, diplomats, the press and every player critical to the advancement of the industry through dialogue and essential conversation to drive the industry forward.

Noting that the trends and developments in recent times have shown the need for urgent conversation to foster economic growth in the transport industry.

Musa revealed that panel sessions of esteemed stakeholders and critical dialogues around topical issues will spotlight grey areas for strategic inputs for policy interventions. While he also noted that GTP Annual Roundtable is on the right path of unveiling the critical components of the transport industry as prime enablers for rapid growth.

He disclosed that President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is expected to attend the event, while the Lagos State Governor, will serve as the chief host of the event among other dignitaries.

According to him, “Our mission is to amplify the conversation that with an excellent transport infrastructure blueprint, Nigeria shall indeed become a continental economic powerhouse because transport infrastructure serves as the lifeblood of our interconnected world. Facilitating the movement of people, goods and ideas across climes and nations. With efficient transportation networks, efficient trade, innovations and social cohesion are guaranteed”.

The keynote presentation will be delivered by Dr Alban Igwe, a seasoned global transport specialist, who will be shaping the conversation around the theme for holistic engagement.

Global Transport Policy Magazine , a bilingual magazine produced quarterly with authoritative trend-spotting and compelling cross-cutting analysis will be officially launched.

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