July 25, 2024

Ezisi Inaugurates Remodelled NAGAFF 100% Compliance Task Team

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*Charges team to be good ambassadors of NAGAFF
* Tanko promises it will not be business as usual

By Frank Odinukaeze

The National President of Government Approved Freight forwarders (NAGAFF), Hon.Fwdr.Ezisi Emmanuel Tochukwu, has inaugurated the newly reconstituted 100%Compliance Task Team
Speaking at the ceremony,,the NAGAFF president stated that the primary aim for the reconstitution is to achieve a strong synergy between the national and chapter chairmen because, all are working for the one big family which is NAGAFF.
He said the aim is also to build a strong and mutually beneficial rapport and good working relationship among all stakeholders at the chapter and national level.
Fwrd.Ezisi said the Association, after a meeting held on the 1st of December,2022 decided at his instance to change the name of the team from 100% Compliance Team to100% Compliance Task Team.

According to him there were noticeable deficiencies in the operations of the team and these necessitated the high command of the association to tinker the constitution of the team
His words,”However, there are issues still confronting the Team in efficient and effective delivery of their core mandates and as a result , NAGAFF high command has reviewed the problems and reconstituted the operational structure of the team”
Ezisi noted that in other to make the new compliance team effective and result driven, there has been structural adjustment to the team’s operations
According to him there is a creation of a non resident intervention committee made up of 15 members drawn from the chapters with each chapter nominating 5 members .

His words,” I instructed each chapter chairman to nominate 5 NAGAFF members from their respective chapters and the National Coordinate, Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim would nominate 5 members in each chapter while the national headquarter of NAGAFF will nominate 5 members from each chapter.
The nominations translated to total of 15-member nonresident intervention committee for each chapter.
The 15-member nonresident intervention committee has automatically replaced all existing compliance team at the chapters henceforth and their role will be on ad hoc bases at the instance of the national president, upon written request by the chapter chairman”
The NAGAFF president noted that the intervention committee shall be resident only at bonded terminals and not at the port terminals.
Ezisi said ,” Over the years NAGAFF has evolved to being one of the major stakeholders and a strong voice in the affairs of the maritime industry in Nigeria and the 100% Compliance Arm has been instrumental to this laudable achievement.
Since inception 3 years ago, the 100% Compliance Team had been an active eye of the association in checking corruption at the ports by ensuring that ideal customs and trade procedures are practiced at the port terminals, boarder stations and bonded facilities across Nigeria. The Team was first constituted in 2020 and empowered to:
Ensure that Importers, Freight Forwarders, Customs officers, shipping companies, and terminal operators are compliant to good practices at the port”
He added that % 100 compliance team was constituted to put an end to excessive sampling of imported products by agencies at the port ,and also bring about a permanent solution to the traffic gridlock at the port.
” Today, the achievements of NAGAFF through the 100% Compliance Team can never be overemphasized, especially under the leadership of Alhaji Tanko Ibrahim”Ezisi asserted.
Addressing the team after the inauguration ,Fwrd Ezisi enjoined the team to show exemplary character and be good ambassadors of the association
He warned that the association would not hesitate to deal ruthlessly with any member found wanting.Hedirected that no member of the non resident intervention committee is allowed to wear the compliance team apron ,unless on official duty,
In an interview with the National Coordinator of the team,Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko,noted that the reason for the inauguration is as a result of some noticed anomalies amongst the team.
” We have bad eggs amongst us and that is why we decided to remove them .We have fished them out ,and we are not going to allow a recurrence of the past” Tanko assured.
He added that ,” From today,you will see a different ball game .A lot of things are happening,and we are going to make an amendment.No freight forwarder is happy with what is going at ,NPA,Bonded Terminal, Shipping companies and customs.But I want to assure you that all the complaints would be seriously addressed.”
On the appointment of newly promoted Customs CACs in some customs commands and how the development could affect the operations of the compliance team ,Tanko had this to say,”Even though they are new Comptrollers, they are not new to the system ”
He said a customs officer is guided by laws and rules of the service ,and if they operate within the ambit of the law and procedures,”we don’t have a problem he affirmed.
Addressing the newly constituted compliance team, Registrar of NAGAFF Academy,Fwrd.Francis Omotosho ,noted that training of the new team is key to the success of their operation,as the training will afford them the opportunity to to be well guided in their job.
In his vote of thanks , Deputy vice president of NAGAFF, Chief Simeon Nwonu ,, thanked the founder ,Dr.Noniface Aniebonam for his foresightedness and understanding of the character of freight forwarders.
He enjoined the new compliance Task Team to work with high sense of discipline and responsibility.
He urged them to to be good ambassadors of NAGAFF.
About 27 members were inaugurated ,and were administered with the oath of allegiance by Barrister Fred Akohkia.

Pict.1 ( L- R) National President of NAGAFF,Fwrd.Ezisi To hukwu and Coordinator 100% Compliant Task Team,Alhaji I rahim Tanko,at the inauguration of the newly constituted compliance Task Team,at NAGAFF, Headquarters,in Apapa on Wednesday.

Pic.2: Members of the newly inaugurated 100 percent Compliance Team.

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