July 25, 2024
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The electronic call- up system which debuted on the 27 of February 2021 has collapsed.

Today news gathered that the truck call-up system recently introduced by the Nigerian Ports Authority to bring much needed sanity to chaotic port access road traffic melee was seen to have worked for only two days before collapsing as predicted. Trucks were seen on queue at various points in Apapa yesterday, though traffic was relatively controlled in the morning hours at most of the toll points usually maned by the task force, one noticed that tankers still impeded commuters and those who had brought their private cars with the delusion that the call-up  has finally put the Apapa gridlock in check but found it difficult exit the area.
The traffic gridlock gradually crept back, truck queues returned at the the Ijora bridge toll point, where the taskforce was seen stopping trucks to demand their tally numbers issued after settlement before passing them. At the Area B/ flower mill end, trucks were seen on queue, waiting to be passed by the task force who sat at their usual toll points at  Area B / polysonic mall junction and Airways junction. The Tin Can axis  maintained its state of confused frenzy, with the roads still under construction and the dare devil bikes still the only means of meandering through the conic parked the trailer trucks littering the barricaded port access road.
Confirming this in a public statement by the Executive governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwolu warned that he will name and shame those benefiting from the traffic gridlock. According to Sanwolu, the government of Lagos state will expose taskforce officers, companies, security Agents and individuals conniving to thwart the efforts of  the Lagos state government  and other government agencies toiling day and night to bring this traffic gridlock under control.
Sanwolu added that there is a cabal benefiting from the Apapa gridlock, which is why the problem has refused to go away, defying all solutions. The cabal he alleged, is having a strangle hold on the gridlock to everybody’s discomfort. He vowed to bring all those found wanting to face the wrought of the law.
The e call-up as designed, was to bring sanity to the port access roads, allowing only trucks that have been called up to enter the port at a particular time while others wait for their turn at designated holding bays.

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