June 15, 2024

Disregard Aroyewun, COMTUA Was Duly Dissolved, Remains Disbanded -MWUN

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By Jerry Aguigbo

The Maritime Workers’ Union Of Nigeria (MWUN)  has warned the public to disregard one Adeyinka Aroyewun, parading himself as the president  the Council For Maritime Union’s and Associations, (COMTUA)  MWUN also stated that the amalgamation was properly dissolved by all 7 affiliate Union’s and remains disbanded till date.
In a press statement released today, 5 August, 2023. By the Union and signed by the Head Media, Comrade John Kennedy Ikemefuna, the public was asked to disregard one Adeyinka Aroyewun and indeed, any other person(s )parading himself(themselves) as the President to deceive the public, as this only amounts to impersonation, as such individual (s) no longer have the mandate of the collaborating parties.

Quoting the press statement by MWUN,
“The attention of Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria has been drawn to the news making the rounds purportedly emanating from one Adeyinka Aroyewun with regards to his unilateral and continued insistence to give recognition to a body i.e COMTUA, which for good reasons the founding members mutually agreed to disband having achieved the purpose for which it was set up.
For the sake of clarity, we wish to bring to the notice of the general public and the press that COMTUA was founded as a response to the then gridlock which had become a permanent feature of the port access roads in Lagos making businesses suffer.
Consequently, on the 19th March 2019, some Maritime-based unions and associations numbering seven (7) mutually agreed to form COMTUA. These associations were: Amalgamation of Container Truck Owners (ACTOA), Maritime Workers’ Union of Nigeria (MWUN), Nigerian Association of Road Transport Owners (NARTO), Road Transport Employers Association of Nigeria (RTEAN), National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), Association of Maritime Truck Owners, Lagos (AMATO), Container Truck Owners Association of Nigeria (COTOAN). To run COMTUA, two organs were formed viz (i) Board of Trustees (ii) Management Committee while Adeyinka Aroyewun was appointed as organizing personnel when the need arose at the time.
As follow up to the above, Comrade Olaleye Thompson was elected the first president of COMTUA by the mandate of the seven COMTUA parties but had to relinquish his position due to his own personal reasons. Subsequently, Comrade Adeyinka Aroyewun was given mandate to the presidency of COMTUA through the mandate of the seven collaborating parties of COMTUA.”

The statement went further to also explain why COMTUA was disbanded.
“We also wish to bring to the notice of the general public that no sooner than this fellow Adeyinka Aroyewun ascended the presidency of COMTUA that he started to attack governments of states, officials of government, government parastatals and their officers, security agencies, port users, fellow comrades, and the leadership of other unions and associations. These and many more unseemly acts of Adeyinka Aroyewun ultimately constituted a direct breach of the Memorandum of Understanding that initially bound the seven (7) collaborating parties (COMTUA) and led to the pulling out of all seven collaborating parties, which led to a dissolution of COMTUA by virtue of a another Memorandum of Understanding to establish the dissolution of COMTUA which all seven collaborating parties duly executed and which was franked by one Emeka Charles Madiebo, the legal practitioner who drafted same. This dissolution of COMTUA was duly publicized and circulated widely to alert the general public of the dissolution of COMTUA.
We are therefore wondering how and where this Adeyinka Aroyewun derives his mandate to retain the presidency of a disbanded body especially as all seven collaborating parties have since withdrawn their mandate from the collaboration. For emphasis, we wish to state that COMTUA has been mutually disbanded and it remains so. Therefore anybody parading himself or herself as president is out to deceive the public and is merely an impersonator as they no longer have the mandate of the collaborating parties,” the statement read.

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