June 15, 2024


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People of Ibeno community have been told to use the rich cultural contents at their disposal and leverage the socio- cultural and economic potentials of the community.

It has been said the step would bring a high boost to revenue earnings as well as impact communal wellbeing, and also the growth of tourism development in the area.

Chief Charles Ukoette, a leading oil- industry operator and community chieftain noted this recently at Mkpanak, Ibeno, while playing host to a cross section of indigenes and friends of the community who had gathered in the oil- rich community to witness a festival mood that transformed the community spirit and somewhat translated into ushering in the blessings of the new year.

The occasion caught the Qua Iboe Terminal (QIT), Exxon Mobil exploration host community in a state of cultural frenzy and projected her activities in quite an exciting spectacle.

Various traditional masquerades in their rich coiffures were paraded; including Ekpe and Ibom, amid other array of cultural plays which were at display to showcase the rich culture and social life of Ibeno people.

But Chief Charles Ukoette, an influential Ekpe society member and highly regarded titled chief, said the whole initiative can translate to something worthwhile and economically enduring for the people: a sort of tourism and cultural rich pool left to be ploughed through.

He said, ” besides being used to showcase the rich culture, the definitive traditions of our people and the close affinity existing between our people (Ibeno) and the Efiks of Cross River state, I see this as an entirely clear opportunity that provides for us to consistently explore, and exploit all the cultural and traditional potentials placed at our disposal, and convert all these aspects of our beautiful cultural contents into high revenue spinners and economic development potentials”.

“If all our cultural contents are properly developed and better harnessed, we can preserve and translate same into a high boost in earnings from our rich cultural and tourism potentials as a people. This quality is what we should focus on,” he added.

Earlier on , Chief Ukoette who donated a number of cattle, goats, yams , bags of rice, drinks, cash and other gift items to his community said it was in the spirit of sharing and giving back to society. He as well had identified with the palace of the Paramount ruler of Ibeno, HRM Owong Effiong Achianga.

The community which prayed for the life, good health, well being and continuous prosperity of the oil- industry logistics magnate has asked on other sons and daughters of the community to emulate Ukoette’s life of goodwill and always identify with the community spirit.

“Wealthy individuals should support communities to rescue the local economy by investing in human and cultural development. They should do these by providing opportunities to leverage growth in areas of benefit to the people.

“By pointing and charting economic paths like Ukoette is doing, there is much room to witness prosperity and growth.”, Daniel Akpabio, a friend of the community from ONNA had remarked.

“The idea of an initiative to convert human cultural items into economic high yielding economic resources comes at a time nations and states, especially Nigeria, are shifting focus from their traditional sources of revenue and diverting their dependency on fossil fuel as direct foreign income earners.”

“Presently and in a globally acknowledged knowledge based and driven economy, artificial intelligence and tourism b in whatever form or context as directly advocated by Ukoette is what is driving the world”, Akpabio noted.

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