May 28, 2024

Bomodi Takes Charge At Seme Command



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Bomodi Takes Charge At Seme Command

…says first stint at Seme was a learning Curve

By Jerry Aguigbo

Perhaps he was clairvoyant or, may have unwittingly cut his part at succeeding his friend at the Seme Customs Command by not only participating in bilateral trade meetings between Benin Republic Customs and Nigeria Customs Service but also as one of the think-tanks who fashioned the MoU between Nigeria and Benin Republic to fashion a way to maximize legitimate trade between them.

Comptroller Timi Bomodi was officially handed over the control of the Seme Border Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service, on Monday 18 September, 2023, as the Area Controller, by Comptroller Dera Nnadi who moves to take charge of affairs at TinCan Customs Command in a brief ceremony.
Speaking at the event, Controller Bomodi said his first stint at Seme 30years ago was remarkable, “fresh from the Customs Training School 30 years ago, I was sent to Seme Command. I learnt the reality of Customs Operations here, it was really an eye-opener,” he said.

Bomodi continued by saying that he is not used to taking up assignments where he will fail, he says he will do whatever it takes legitimately to succeed and do well. According to him, “I will run an all inclusive administration, where the views of all stakeholders are accommodated or taken into cognizance. Our doors will be open to new ideas, innovations, whatever it will take to facilitate trade around this corridor will be taken into consideration.”

While sounding friendly, the Area Controller also told his audience that he will not be a pushover. Hence, he warned, “to a great extent, we will try and accommodate the expectation of all individuals but we will not compromise our integrity, we will only facilitate legitimate trade.”
On the worrisome issue multiple police checkpoints along the Seme axis, Bomodi noted that though this is being addressed by those in charge but that it is not encouraging for trade facilitation and according to him, hopefully those Agencies will take the bull by the horns to remove this barrier. In his words, ” once you enhance trade, your ability to generate revenue increases. We will also attack revenue leakages frontally by engaging the Communities around here on the dangers effect of Smuggling,” he said.

Earlier on, giving a scorecard of the Seme Customs Command from January to September 2023, Controller Nnadi said the Command has surpassed it revenue target by 6.23 per cent with 2,88,578.48 Billion collected as against N1.96billion given as target for 2023. The Seme Customs Command also raked in N1827billion DPV from all seizures made within this period.


Comptroller Nnadi while welcoming controller Bomodi to Seme Command, said that both of them are beginning a new chapter in their service lives as he noted that Controller Bomodi has always succeeded wherever he went and Seme Command would not be an exception.


Responding Bomodi thanked his predecessor, Controller Dera Nnadi for doing a great job at Seme, he praised Nnadi for being a thorough breed who would succeed anywhere, even at his new posting at TinCan Customs Command. He was profusely grateful to the CGC, Comptroller Adewale Adeniyi and the entire NCS Management Team for enthrusting this magnitude of onus on him and his predecessor.

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