May 28, 2024

NNPP Crisis:Aniebonam Blows Hot, Clarifies Inherent Crisis

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NNPP Crisis:Aniebonam Blows Hot, Clarifies Inherent Crisis

…says Kwankwaso’s actions amount to deceit and betrayal

By Jerry Aguigbo

The simmering crisis Inherent in the New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP) it appears, can no longer be swept under the carpet, nor be treated with kid gloves. This is why the Founder of NNPP, Dr Boniface O. Aniebonam has left his shell and is coming into the arena for urgent clarification of this conflagration.

For those who have wondered why it took this dogged fighter so long to really break his silence, Dr Aniebonam disclosed that he underestimated Senator Kwankwaso’s moves because he was not convinced the former Kano State Governor could stoop this low to do what he is doing.

In Dr Aniebonam’s words, “For so long I did not get involved or enter the arena because I wanted to believe that Senator Kwankwaso was not aware of some of the things that were attributed to him, I knew that National Working Committee (NWC)is directly involved in the day to day running of the party but I was shocked to see Kwankwaso on live TV displaying a new Logo of the Party and of course, attempting a mutilation of the Party Constitution. I now realize and believe that something is wrong with him somewhere and that is the essence of coming into the arena,” he said.

Dr Aniebonam added that as a matter fact the current NNPP Constitution which was written by Kwankwaso’s group confers on the founder the Chairman Board Of Trustees and life Chairman and also the Party’s Certificate of registration with INEC shows the Founder still has control of the party despite the intransigence of Kwankwaso and his cronies.

His word: I’m the owner of NNPP and I have the certificate as the then Chairman BOT and the life Chairman, this shows who has control of the Party.”

In his assertion, he said, “Kwankwaso has mutilated the Constitution, he has also gone ahead to change the Logo and replaced it with another carrying the insignia of Kwankwasiyyia Movement. Kwankwaso now wants to hijack the Party which was duly registered in 2002 before he joined the Party in 2022 because he wanted to contest as president. They have been to other parties and money was discussed but when we met and they asked to know how much they can offer, I rebuked them because I have the interest of the party and Country at heart. I gave 2 million Naira and refused to collect from them. I would now ask what he wants, I want to know if he has a mental issue or if he’s deluded,” he questioned.

According to him, Kwankwaso wants to transform NNPP into Kwankwasiyyia Movement, that is one of the alleged reasons why he joined NNPP. “So indirectly, he came into NNPP to propagate Kwankwasiyyia Movement.”

When Aniebonam was asked if at any point of this crisis he has met with Kwankwaso, he explained thus, “I called him to come to Lagos with the then Chairman of the Party, he came but when he called that he was around, I then asked him if he came with the chairman, he said no and asked me if I cannot see him without the chairman. I said no, because what we wanted to discuss bothered on the party and I wanted the chairman to be around. So I refused to see him and he left to come back with the chairman, we’re still expecting him.” He explained.

Aniebonam said the headache in Kwankwaso’s Camp now is the Inherent powers of the Board to discipline any errings member acting contrary to the Constitution. According to the Founder, “what Kwankwaso is doing amounts to deceit and the most annoying part is Elder Buba Galadima who led the delegation that brought Kwankwaso into the party to my house. I’m now in the arena and I want to see them both,” he said.

Dr Aniebonam was asked if the whole thing is irredeemable and in reply he says “INEC is taking their time until the case in Court is decided. There’s a fresh Suite that was to stop the convention but it was time bad because it didn’t get to INEC on time, that it is the reason they attended the Convention, the Case is still being followed, the Federal High Court has ruled that NNPP crisis is an internal matter of the Party and not justiciable in Court. We will go back for further declaration on the subject matter compelling INEC to recognize the Board. We saw what happened in Kano and went up to the Supreme Court which was ruled in our favour. We are Law abiding people.”

Todaynews also asked Dr Aniebonam if there’s any room for reconciliation with Senator Kwankwaso, Aniebonam said, ” Kwankwaso should take a second look at what he is doing, it’s not right, I still see him as my friend and my brother, he should stop some of the people around him.”

Furthermore, he said, “Dipo Olayokun has also betrayed us by his actions, even though we seconded him to NNPP from Nagaff, look at what he is doing now!
There’s nothing like Kwankwaso as leader of the Party, he can be called an Elder not leader. The governor of Kano State by virtue of winning the Kano election can earn that reputation because he was duly elected.”

Aniebonam added, ” I want to believe something is wrong and I want you people to pray for Kwankwaso because his behaviour is not normal, I’m yet to understand understand what he is trying to do.”

Speaking about possible peace in NNPP, the founder says the way out is for Kwankwaso to retrace his steps and be granted pardon.

His words: “He has been expelled from the NNPP but I’m a life member of the party who can grant him pardon, if he purges himself of all these anomalies but one thing is certain, he cannot enjoy the monopoly of being the only candidate. We are all out for peace and it is only in peaceful atmosphere we can thrive but what Kwankwaso and his cronies are doing is very irresponsible and reprehensible,” Aniebonam said.

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