July 25, 2024

Adeyanju Felicitates Christians On Easter Celebration

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Adeyanju Felicitates Christians On Easter Celebration

By Jerry Aguigbo

The President – General, Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) Comrade (Prince) Dr. Adewale Adeyanju, is felicitating Christians on Easter Day Celebration in Nigeria and the world at large.

The Easter celebration is regarded as the symbol of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and celebrated annually by Christian faithful across the globe. The Celebration of Easter is to mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary and His resurrection from death on the third day.

In a statement by MWUN today, the Maritime Labour Leader, who doubles as the Deputy President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) admonishes Christians to emulate the exemplary life of Jesus Christ while on planet earth, as he went about doing good, preaching the gospel of righteousness, love and forgiveness at all times.

The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) Vice President Global, however , advised Christians across the globe to use this season to eschew violence, and all manners of wars amongst nation’s, in his words :”if we love one another, the Agape kind of love with genuine forgiveness from the heart, which Jesus demonstrated for us all to emulate, noting that if we imbibe in us this Biblical injunction as Christians, the world will be a better place for us to live in irrespective of our religious beliefs, descents, creeds, and political differences.”

He added, ” the word of the Almighty God is the same everywhere in the world, therefore, for us to continue to have enduring peace without rancors and discrimination; humans of all races, shades, colour and tongues must continue to embrace each other wherever and whenever we find ourselves.

If we can use this season to reflect on our Lord’s death and resurrection to reposition our thoughts towards one another on how to love and forgive one another unconditionally and commiting ourselves towards doing good everywhere we find ourselves. It’s only then, we have learned from the purpose of this season we are celebrating. As Christians, we must learn to persevere, and to purge our hearts of all immorality, and to be of true spirit always while enduring all situations according to the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ.” He sued.

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