June 15, 2024

23 Years Of Feud Rested, As MWUN Reunites, Returns Ukaummunna To The Fold

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23 Years Of Feud Rested, As
MWUN Reunites, Returns Ukaummunna To The Fold


By Jerry Aguigbo

The leadership of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) under Comrade (Prince) Dr. Adewale Adeyanju, fnli, HFCPSP on Wednesday, brokered the long awaited truce with its pioneer President – General, Comrade Uzoije Ukaummunna at his residence in Lagos.

It would be recalled the leadership tussle that engulfed the Union and the former President -General resulted in a face-off that had lasted for 23 years. But fate has it on Wednesday, the 20th of December, 2023, the day the much awaited peace was brokered as the indefatigable current President – General of the Maritime Workers Union, who doubles as the Deputy President of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), Dr Adeyanju with his entire executives decided that the protracted fuss be laid to rest so to pave way for a reunion with one of its “founding fathers”, Comrade Uzoije Ukaummunna, whose dynamic quality of leadership acumen cannot be overemphasized.

Comrade Adeyanju during the fence mending mission threw the entire premises of the former President – General into a presidential ceremony, as he praised Ukaummunna for his doggedness, resilience with sheer tolerance during the turbulent period. Prince Adeyanju further described Ukaummunna as a Workaholic Founding Father of note in the merger of the four unions in 1996; whose vein runs with milk of meekness. He said, his generosity is unquantifiable as he brought a lot of innovations to the Union as its first President – General.

Comrade Adeyanju was also quoted in a press statement from the Union to have said that
“It is on record that Comrade Uzoije purchased the property in Abuja that is today known as Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria Annex. This is one amongst the numerous legacies he left behind. And we are proud to say that he is our Pioneer President-General.”

During the colourful peace meeting, Comrade Uzoije in company of his wife, Todaynews gathered, thanked Prince Adeyanju for breaking the jinx of yester-years that has held a father and children bound. They thanked the members of the Union for finding a space in their hearts to burying the hatchet; while praying also that he (Ukaummunna) be forgiven, stressing that to err is human and to forgive is divine.

While Adeyanju responded in similar tone praying for both couple, wishing them a happy life in good health enmeshed in longevity. And that the PG Emeritus’ labour for the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria will never go in vain as the Union has resolved to rehabilitate and return him to the fold of the Union alongside other former Presidents – General.

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